Meat the future is a project that intends to inform people about todays unsustainable and inhumane meat industry. But also give hope for a change
as there is a solution in sight, called In Vitro meat.

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This is a project by Afshin Meini, Christian Poups and Kim Brendon from Beckmans College of Design.

Can you imagine a future where only insect meat is eaten and where crickets can be raised at home? Or a future where all of the meat we eat is grown in a lab? This installation aims to inform people about the different ways our future could unfold with regard to meat consumption.

The installation is not, however, meant to tell you what to do or which scenario to choose. It is merely intended as a stimulus for thinking about the potential futures and to then choose a favourite if you feel like it.

The installation also aims to get people discussing the problems we face with regard to meat consumption from a more objective point of view. Meat is a highly emotional and personal topic, and many people find it difficult to talk about openly. By looking towards the future collectively, it may be possible to achieve more open and constructive conversations, rather than just pointing fingers at what we think others are doing wrong. Also, by clarifying some of the possible roads that meat consumption may take, we hope that we can motivate people to act in a way that will help make their ideal future a reality.

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